These Model Ships, have Been Built of Wood, by hand

If you have any pictures of these ships, or any other ships you might like to see build;
please send them to me at the email address below.

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I am Now Working on the USS Alaska CB 1 

       Auxiliary Ships                            Cruiser's

AH 20 USS Comfort Scrapped IX 304 USS Atlanta Scrapped AH 12 USS Haven Sold CAG 1 USS Boston APA 207 USS Mifflin Sold CG 11 USS Chicago AF 61 USS Procyon CA 75 USS Helena Sold AO 107 USS Passumpsic Sold CGN 9 USS Long Beach AS 12 USS Sperry CLG 5 USS Oklahoma City CL 51 USS Atlanta CA 38 USS San Francisco CLG 3 USS Galvaston CA 35 USS Indianapolis CA 45 USS Wichita CL 55 USS Cleveland CB 1 USS Alaska Carrier's Destroyer's CVA 7 USS Wasp DE 51 USS Buckley CVS 12 USS Hornet DE 449 USS Nickolas Sold CVA 17 USS Bunker Hill Sold DD 718 USS Hamner CVA 36 USS Antietam DLG 30 USS Horne CVA 41 USS Midway DD 327 USS Preston CVA 61 USS Ranger DDG 16 USS Joseph Strauss CVAN 65 USS Enterprise Sold DDG 80 USS Roosevelt Sold CVA 6 USS Enterprise DM 19 USS Tracy Sold DLGN/CGN-25 USS Bainbridge Sold DD 696 USS English Sold CVE 55 USS Casablanca CVL 22 USS Independence

Battleships USCGC BB 48 USS West Virgina USCGC WHEC 725 Jarves Sold BB 61 Iowa


Others to be Built

Parts for sale

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