AF 61 USS Procyon

Alstede Class Stores Ship: Laid down, 15 April 1942, as Flying Scud, a Maritime
Commission type (R2-S-BV1) hull. Acquired by the US Navy, 8 August 1961; Converted
for Naval service as a Provisions Store Ship at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard,
San Francisco, CA.; Commissioned USS Procyon (AF-61). Specifications: Displacement 15,500 t.(fl); Length 459' 2"; Beam 63'; Draft 28'
Speed 16 kts; Complement 292; Propulsion, cross-compound turbines, single propeller.

This picture of the AF 61 USS Procyon, as converted by Hunters Point in 1961. This is the first ship I worked on at the point. Procyon

This model is 29 1/2" Long, 10" High, 4 " at Main Deck, and 4 " at the Water Line, at 1/16" Scale

Procyon Procyon Procyon ProcyonProcyon

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